Website Platforms

Budget Platforms-

In this weeks blog we will be discussing website platforms. It's been established that you need years of experience and all this background knowledge to create a simple website for your business. The truth is that there's plenty of plug-in applications used to create websites. Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and SquareSpace are all great ways to get started constructing a feel for your website. Using the templates provided, you can customize a plan or replicate an idea you like. If you are a first time business owner or you've started a side business, simple websites are a great form of passive advertising.

Plan Your Website-Ask Questions-

  • Goals and target audience
  • Features specific to your site
  • Communication-between customers, employees
  • Selling or Service
  • Website Security
  • Domain names and email aliases
  • Supporting social media campaigns

Here at Fulcrum Design and Marketing, we want to find the best solutions that fit your budget and your vision. We always recommend you research how involved you want to be with your website. Fulcrum offers a custom website service which can be difficult to reproduce in a platform like Wix. For example, if you have customers or clients who need specific login credentials then you might need code written to authenticate information. There are certain requirements a website needs to accept payments. SSL Certificates recognize secure sites and automatically connects them with the secure server. We have used Wix and other platforms in the past to show customers an idea of what they might want in their website. Ask us how we can help you get started with a free template! Fulcrum Design and Marketing hopes this information has been useful to you. We are always available to answer question on coding and the development of your business.

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