Marketing Tips: Customer Focus

We at Fulcrum want to share some of our marketing tips on how we and our clients maintain success through marketing. We live by 5 key tactics and will discuss them once a week.

Client focus

For us, our clients come first. We want to build and maintain that relationship with our customers. We like to take our time with you and make sure all the details are how you want them. Like they say, there is no "I" in team!

Just like you would for your significant other, here are ways we build that relationship:

  • Communication

    • Simple conversations
    • Listening to ideas and finding solutions
    • Responding in a reasonable and timely manner
    • Staying connected and checking in
  • Feedback

    • Ask for reviews!
    • Taking any positive/negative feedback and growing from it
    • Not being afraid to give feedback
  • Appreciation

    • Just saying, "thanks!" to your customers and employees!
    • Potentially creating a loyalty program for your customers
    • Giving out accessories with your brand (T-shirts, pens, pins, hats, etc.)

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