Marketing Tips: Social Media

So far we have discussed 3 crucial tips for starting and maintaining a successful business. Just like Thanos, the infamously powerful character in the Marvel franchise, who needed 5 infinity stones to complete his powerful reign, we bring you the 4th "infinity stone" needed for a successful business. We will be talking about the ever-so-powerful use of social media, the greatest power of our generation.

According to Statista, over 3 billion people use social media today, so it is important for any successful business to take advantage of social media's powerful access to billions of potential customers across the world. Given the incredible amount of power social media has, it may seem overwhelming to use at first, as there are so many platforms to choose from. However, there are many social media sites that are user-friendly. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have been reported to be two of the most user-friendly social media platforms today. If it still seems too overwhelming (which is OK!), hiring someone within your business to maintain and post for all of your accounts is also an option and something many businesses choose to do.

Think about how much technology has evolved over time. In today's world, people use technology and social media for almost everything on a daily basis, when just a little over 20 years ago social media didn't even exist! Many people are glued to their phones all day, especially during this pandemic, so it is important to understand social media and the many different ways people use it to aid in their business. People may use social media for:

  • Tech Support
  • Business reviews
  • Promoting themselves/business
  • Engaging with others
  • News

The list can go on and on, but for businesses specifically, you're building tremendous awareness and engaging with your customers when you set up a successful social media page. Social media is also a great way to increase your customer base and communicate with customers directly.

Another great aspect of social media is you don't have to pay a single penny to get started! Common social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are free to use! Cost may be involved if you want to add some additional features, however. For example, on Facebook, you can access a special feature known as "boosting" your posts, which helps expand the reach and visibility of your business to potential customers. Your posts will be advertised on other Facebook user's timelines in order to help spread the word about the great services your business provides. Depending on your audience, the cost can vary. We've found it to be very effective considering how many ads people see on a daily basis!

If you have any questions regarding social media or want to learn more, feel free to contact us! Please make sure to check out our pages on Twitter and Facebook if you would like to get a better idea of how these sites work and operate.

Stay tuned next week for our final tip!




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