Marketing Tips: Recommendations and Reviews

Last week we discussed the importance of customer focus, however maintaining customer focus can be difficult. We really hope our previous tips have helped you out!

For our next tip we will be discussing two significant areas when marketing your business:

Referrals and Reviews

Your friends, family, clients, and employees are all huge assets for the initial growth of your business. Without them, you might be putting in a lot of extra work. Being honest and friendly with your customers can take you a long way. The best part about that is FREE ADVERTISING! Having your peers or family voluntarily involved can increase the organic search of your business by consumers looking for your type of business.

Consistently spreading the word about your business can help it grow dramatically. Examples:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Reviews, Trip Advisor etc.)
  • Customers discussing your business to other people
  • Customer referral programs

Encourage your customers to write reviews!! It is important to stress that customer or peer reviews are VITAL ASSETS for your businesses success. Customer reviews increase the chance of a new customer inquiring about your business.

All of our tips go hand in hand. So far we have talked about Customer Referrals and Customer reviews. Stay tuned in next week for our third tip and be sure to check out our page!


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