Alliance Community Development Corporation

What We Did

J&J Fitness is a sports entity of Alliance Community Development. Thier goal is to increase awareness and opportunities by providing fitness, sports, and educational services to individuals and families.

How did we do it?

All projects start with a consultation to review project goals and objectives. The first phase is important to gather design cues and learn about the client. Jacklyn had a vision for this project and provided other websites she liked. This helped us construct an outline, explaining how each page is navigated and what features each page includes.

J&J Fitness is now able to showcase their services and interact with clients. Compared to previous websites we've done, J&J Fitness is a simple landing page. Basic features such as contact forms and social media links are included. If you're interested in our services, contact us!

Visit their website for additional information!



(239) 302-8876


3510 Kraft Rd. Suite 200
Naples, FL. 34109
United States of America